Friday, May 15, 2015

New Cohesive Blog Post: just launched a brand new Outdoor Cat Houses web page!

outdoor cat housesCongratulations to for launching a brand new outdoor cat houses page!
Kitty Store Online has great products and accessories to make any cat feel at home. They offer a wide variety of outdoor cat houses so that your cat feels safe and cozy just like she does inside the comfort your home. Take the right step to ensure the happiness of your kitty because a happy kitty is a purring kitty!
Kitty Store Online states that “each UnderCover Cedar Pet House is insulated with a Thermo-Ply insulation that not only keeps your pet warm in winter, but gives them a cool place to relax during the heat of the summer. It’s perfect for the neighborhood feral that is adamant about staying outdoors, or for the indoor kitty who insists on hanging out near you while you’re in the garden.
Each house is individually hand crafted with the high quality workmanship and materials you have come to expect from UnderCover including:
  • Cedar construction: The wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor use.
  • Thermal-Ply insulation that is placed inside the floor, walls and ceiling.
  • Generous porch roof that helps shield the doorway opening from the elements.
  • Elevated floor height keeps your pet from ground chill and wet conditions.
  • Simple instructions included for fast assembly with common household tools.
One of our main advantages for your special cat structure includes attractive, luxury abodes. The “Mansion”, the “BarnCat” and the “Room With A View” Cat Shelters are examples of eye pleasing additions for your pet to your patio or yard. Options include sturdy wood, heated, door and more. They are all weatherproof and lightweight for small and large cats.”
These provide a perfect house for your cats for an inexpensive price and shipping. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to check out their new page and surprise your sweet kitty with a new outdoor cat house!
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