Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steps To Increase Your Marketing Efforts Online - Cohesive Ideas located in Greenville SC

So you are a business owner...but you are also a consumer. As you drive down the road do you notice any billboards? Do you throw away marketing fliers and brochures when they reach you in the mail? They say "Half of all marketing dollars are wasted. You just don't know which half." I would probably be willing to bet that number may be higher than we fear.

Here are some ways you can spend money, or time if you are a DIY person, more wisely to market your business this year...

1. Get Rid Of The Billboard - No one pays attention while they are driving down the road. Especially to billboards. They are using texting (which we don't endorse), talking on the phone or even reading an actual book. That's right. I have actually seen with my own eyes someone actually rid down the road with a book propped up on the steering wheel. Do you think people have time to look at your ad? Much less have time to understand your message and/or write down your phone number in the 5 seconds as they pass by and try to scramble for a pen.

2. Focus On Your Main Website - Your website is absolutely the best form of marketing for a few reasons:
  • You can change the information on your website and do not have to pay another fee to reprint the material
  • It can engage your visitors with videos and animations
  • It can collect and store information in a database to search later
  • It can create membership model where your customers can have access to a plethora of information
3. Optimize Your Website - Unlike a billboard, people who are searching key terms in the search engines are actually seeking out you for your services. If you are no where to be found in the search engines, you can kiss your marketing leads goodbye. The leads that are coming from the search engines are free leads (if you are in the actual search results) and they are actual people that are looking for your services. It's like someone knocking on your door tell you they want to buy your product! That's way better than the guy reading the book and not paying attention to your marketing plan in the sky.

4. Look At Your Email Signature - Believe it or not, simply putting a phone number and website URL in your email footer could be the most simplest effective change you could ever make. Think about how many emails you send out every day. Now if it was simple for someone to get in touch with you they might actually call or visit your website. Any email from you now becomes a marketing touch. You can make some simple changes this year that could affect your marketing in a big way.
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