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How do I separate my content from my web design? - Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SC

How do I separate my content from my web design, a question that needs to be clear. This requires infrastructure needed to produces a great working site that can capture visitor into becoming customers. The Usability of the web site for visitor’s to use includes run programs with specified needs.

How do you separate my content from web design? The main idea is that separating the content from how it is presented means to allowing development to give the ability to change the website’s appearance, whenever it is needed without redoing the entire content structure.

Technology for dealing with this is called CSS or (Cascading Style Sheets), which has recently been introduced. The way CSS handles a web page’s presentation is that it allows the developer to define style for each html tag. The CSS style can be interacted with most existing browsers today.

The internet standards encourage the use of CSS for enhancing ability to control the look and feel of a web page. This style of options added to the CSS system, have not been added to the HTML. This move forced web developers to use CSS system to make an attractive web page. This allows for the separation of the principle of content in a website design. Today CSS is widely supported by major web browsers systems.

The separation of content from presentation deals with the styling aspects, and the browser compatibility. Styling issues were the first area to be dealt with by developers and designers. The complexity of systems becomes constantly more difficult to give maintenance too. A goal is to define a program language so that systems can interface with each other and provide needed exchange of information.

To present the content in a standard way as to separate it from any design elements was the needed ingredient. The three big major players SUN, IBM, and Microsoft, finally came together to do this. With this, they agreed that XML become a standard and has been adopted by content providers.

Unfortunately the concept has not been fully implemented. To clarify this, CSS handles the styling functions, and the XML deals with the document content. Everyday there are thousands of new websites published. New web pages are being added everyday by the millions to the global database. Changing the page background, and color might not keep their website fresh enough to compete with other websites. XSL was introduced to solve this issue. XSL is a great way to describe a web page layout so that changing is easy and effective.
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