Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cohesive Web Design Located In Greenville SC Discusses Creating A Strategic Marketing Plan To Increase Business

One of the best things you can have for your business is a strong marketing plan. Don't make it complicated by adding a bunch of "mumbo jumbo" language to it. People say "K.I.S.S." (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best method with marketing plans. So focus on who you are, what services you provide, who needs those services, and how you are planning on getting your target market's attention. It's no enough just to have a marketing plan. You actually have to put it into action. Here are seven steps to follow to help you build the perfect marketing plan:

Step 1: Target A Specific Market - Try to focus on a specific market that you are wanting to service. Hone in on the ideal customer for you in the most detailed way possible. It's not enough to say "I am going to sell shoes to everyone!" You have to think of sell running shoes to athletes. When you create a specialized strategy like this, it is easy to know how to specifically market to your customers and where you should spend your marketing dollars.

Step 2: Think About Your Position - You absolutely have to figure out what you do well and what your target market is needing. You need to find out why your customers use your service or buy your product. Once you figure that out, duplicate it for everyone else in your target market.  

Step 3: Educate Your Market: You will need to create or recreate educational material on your website. Peoples sometimes don't know why they need your product or service. Tell them why. "9 out of 10 people wear the wrong running shoes and end up developing joint disconfigurations." (or whatever the case may be). Educate your customer on why they need your product. Create the value and they will buy your product.  

Step 4: Never Call Prospects Without Educating First - You want to educate your target market and have them ask for more information. How many times have you cold called prospects and been REALLY successful. Not to many times right? The potential customer you call is almost always not ready, still thinking about it, or flat out says "NO!" The best leads are the ones that call you with cash in hand. Educate them on why they need your product and get them to contact your for more information when they are ready.  

Step 5: Any Press Is Good Press - You need to find a local newspaper that would be willing to cover your business when you launch new, "life changing" products or start an effort that will change the community. "Local Company XYZ sells shoes that create orphanages." A headline like that will create awareness about your company and it says that you really care. Then people won't care about the price tag. They will buy because you are doing something that makes a difference.  

Step 6: Referrals Can Build Your Business - You should work your networks and current clients to give you referrals for anyone else that might be interested in your services. If you have 20 clients and they all have 1 referral that is potentially 20 new clients for you! That's the power of affiliate marketing.  

Step 7: Create An Action Calendar - Once you work through all of the other steps for your marketing plan, you need to setup a calendar with actionable items on their. If you setup in Google Calendar, you can event setup alerts to remind you do do certain things throughout the year. This is extremely helpful especially when you are extremely busy and will keep your marketing plan on track.
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