Friday, August 3, 2012

Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville, SC explains the process of web design

Explaining The Process Of Web Design

The design of your website is going to play a large part in the success of your website. Customers want a site that has a fast loading time and ease of navigation. Anything that doesn't contribute to a professional look and feel will turn your visitors off. What are some things you need to think about when you start working on your web design?

To Host Or Not To Host

Hosting your own domain can help bring in more traffic along with giving you more control over your page. However, letting someone else host your domain lets you worry about your page while someone else worries about the domain. If you are looking for a place to write a blog or sell a few products, you may want to consider having someone else host your page. If you are well versed in website design, you may appreciate the control you have over your site.

Do You Know HTML And CSS?

Hosting your own domain may require you to know a little bit about HTML and CSS. If those mean nothing to you, it may be a good idea to a quick Google search to learn more about them. In the meantime, look for a host that allows you to simply drop and drag items without any coding.

Pictures And Videos Matter

Make your site come alive with pictures and videos. They will make your site more interactive while also increasing the SEO value of your page. Just make sure to keep all of your links current. Broken links reduce SEO value while also frustrating those who are trying to follow the link.

How Will You Market Your Site

Your site won't get any traffic unless people know about it. Using proper SEO tactics will have your page near the top of the search engine results for your targeted keywords. Remember that you want good content that sounds natural. No keyword stuffing is allowed. Consider advertising on the search engines themselves. Your targeted advertisements will show up whenever a certain keyword is searched for.

Test The Page

Do a test run before you officially launch your site. This will allow you to get a good idea as to how your site looks from the point of view of your visitor. You can also verify that the site loads fast enough and all of the links work.


Following all of these steps is critical to your web design. Failure to create a site that people like will result in a lot of wasted time and energy. Make sure that you are able to convert traffic into sales and lots of buzz on social media sites. Above all else, create something that you are proud of and can easily edit over time to keep your visitors happy.
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