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5 Easy Steps to improve your web design on your website - Cohesive Web Design located in Greenville SC

The Five Easiest Ways To Improve a Site's Web Design!

Web design is a touchy and extremely important aspect of building a successful online presence. Without a clean, fast and easy-to-use site, many visitors will leave a site almost immediately. This can be frustrating and lose potential customers every day that it is left unchecked. These are the five easiest ways to improve the design of a website.

1. KISS - "Keep it Simple, Stupid!"

The most important factor to creating a successful website is the simplicity of the user experience. Many sites will make it complicated for a user to navigate their site, or even worse, to pay for a transaction. All complicated and unnecessary steps should be immediately changed or removed. If the site is artistic, it is perfectly fine to add artistic elements to the design of the site. If it's a simple business site, it should look and function professionally. The visual aspects should all be relevant and professionally done. The site will essentially be a small glimpse into the business for a potential viewer, meaning a messy and ugly site will speak volumes to the viewer of the quality of the business.

2. Make it as fast as possible without degrading the quality.

Slow-loading pages are notoriously poor performers. If a site takes too long, a viewer will often simply give up and continue searching for another site. They often do not have the patience to sit through a slow-loading site if they do not already use and trust the business. Fast-loading, simple sites are an easy way to develop an early sense of trust with potential customers and clients.

3. Make it Professional.

Professionalism is a very difficult thing to translate through design, but it can be achieved. The easiest way to do this is to contract a professional web developer that will be responsible for the site. The next best way is to study well-constructed sites of successful businesses in a particular field and notice how their site is organized and how the writing is worded. A successful website often uses sentence structures that appeal to their target market's educational level.

4. Regularly have the site reviewed by professionals.

The easiest way to ensure that a site continues to grow and produce fantastic results is to ask professionals what their opinion on the site is. Key questions to ask are:
  • Can the site be made faster without reducing its quality?
  • Can any steps be made faster or more convenient for our visitors?
  • Is there any way that we can generate more revenue for the site without negatively affecting the viewer's perspective of the business?
  • Can the layout of the site be better or more professionally done?

5. Test, test, test.

The most important aspect of successful web development is basing all decisions on evidence and expert opinions. Once something has been implemented, it is critical to keep track of how it affects the viewers' behavior and whether or not the decision is a net improvement or a net loss. Sometimes, excellent decisions will have unexpected consequences that cannot be predicted. Sometimes bugs in code happen. Sometimes a button will not be obvious to certain viewers. These are all factors that need to be observed in order to ensure a positive experience for the potential customer or client. These five steps can easily take any website to the next level.
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